About Ajmal Sohail

Born in Afghanistan, Ajmal Sohail has chosen an education for going into politics. Ajmal Sohail entered the political stage, worked his way up and became the economic advisor for the vice-presidency of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He twice ran for the parliamentary elections, suffering a narrow defeat each time.

Ajmal is a political economist, an intelligence analyst, and he frequently appears on national and international news outlets. He has written three books about liberalism and capitalism. In addition to his current duties, he is working towards democratic changes in Afghanistan. Over the decades, he has gathered a profound knowledge about the highly complex geopolitical situation in the Greater Middle East and the situation of Afghanistan. He benefits from his neutral view in its core but allows himself a critical eye towards the involved parties, their actions and the whole situation in this area. Due to his neutral position he can keep valuable contacts into all these countries. 

Furthermore, Ajmal is Co-Founder and Co-President of the Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance Germany; Co-Founder and active Member of the Afghan Liberal Party; Director General of the Centre for Strategic Research-Diplomacy Afghanistan; Director General of the Institute for Counter Terrorism Studies; Director Strategic Research, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism Solutions.

He has a comprehensive experience in analysis in politics, conflicts and intelligence, multilateral diplomacy, national and international politics, national security and studies in security, counter terrorism, democracy, peace development, geopolitics, NGO, crisis management and more.